Organic Bondi Fouta Large - Mist

Organic Bondi Fouta Large - Mist


What is a Fouta? Fouta towels are thin, multi-use towels originally used as towels or worn as sarongs in Turkish bathhouses and spas. Foutas easily transition from towel to tablecloth, scarf or blanket; from the pool to our homes to the beach and beyond.

Our Organic lightweight fouta towels are easy to pack and simple to travel with and have become a modern lifestyle essential. Known and praised for their versatility, they are both decorative and functional, and work well in many settings. 

At the core of every beautiful textile we create is the belief that the way we make our products matters. We are setting the standard in textile production through a combination of GOTS certified and Fair-Trade products. Both of which prohibit the use of child labour and ensure that all workers work reasonable schedules and are paid fair wages. Our Fair-Trade products even pay a premium into a worker run fund to spend on things like medical insurance.

  • 40" x 70"
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Zestt Organics is fair Trade USA certified allowing us to offer you products that share a story and a commitment to ethics and sustainability.
  • GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) meeting textile production, strict environmental and social standards.
  • Our organic cotton products start with non GMO seeds
  • No pesticides or toxic chemicals are utilized in the farming of our certified organic cotton
  • Ethically made in India