Eleven People Luxury Diffuser - Biarritz

Eleven People Luxury Diffuser - Biarritz

Our incredible fragrance diffusers are crafted by hand. 

It comes in an antique pharmacy amber glass bottle with cane wood poles. 

Available in our eleven fragrances: 

BIARRITZ: seaweed and sea breeze.


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This product is handmade in Asturias, Northern Spain and is available in the following fragrance varations - please email hello@luckyoneshome.com to enquire about shipping timeframes & to pre-order any alternative frangrance.

Su - Sparkling citrus aroma of mandarin, mixed with the country touches and freshness of basil and the fruity intensity of lime.

Clara - Perfect combination of the citric freshness of orange with the sweetness, sensuality and spicy touches of cinnamon.

Genevoy -The hypnotic scent of gardenia and the heady intensity of jasmine.

Biarritz - The refreshing smell of the sea, the sea breeze and the salty notes of saltpeter from this corner of the French coast.

28004 - The floral and powdery fragrance of cotton and the freshness of linen. Ingredients that we link with this area of Madrid, where it all began.

Cacara -The enveloping aroma of Caracas seduces us, enlivens our memory. Shades of petricor, wet earth, and mimosa, essences with which we reflect the smell of flowers that descends from Ávila to the city on a rainy day.

Nature – Purely Fig and Amber

1958 - An intense aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the aroma of home, that will transport you to the large coffee plantations and that delicious smell of freshly roasted coffee. 1958 is a lifetime dedication to this product

Febrero - Fragrance with woody and herbal hints of eucalyptus combined with the fresh and floral notes of lavender.

Mia - The intensity and sensuality of sandalwood and the sweetness of vanilla combined with the fresh and floral notes of lavender and citrus nuances of bergamot.

Mosco - Enveloping and suggestive. A slightly woody fragrance with hints of floral rose, citrus orange and sweet and exotic vanilla.