Handmade Candle Base + Bell Jar - Terracotta Marble.

Handmade Candle Base + Bell Jar - Terracotta Marble.


Round base made of eco-frendly acrylic resin and acrylic pigment. Includes glass bell.
Perfect for displaying your candles or your favorite objects.
Each piece is produced, sanded and polished by hand that is why no two pieces are alike and that is what makes them unique.
Care: All products are water resistant. It is recommended to clean with a damp cloth and avoid using the dishwasher.

Cork studs at the bottom for optimal stability.

Measurements: Height: 2cm. Diameter: 10cm.


Net weight


This product is handmade in Asturias, Northern Spain and comes in the below colour varations - please email hello@luckyoneshome.com to enquire about shipping timeframes & to pre-order any alternative colour.

- White with Terracotta Black, Terracotta and Caramel Terrazzo.
- White with Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Nude Terrazzo.
- Nude with White Terrazzo.
- Caramel with White Terrazzo.
-  Dark Chocolate with White Terrazzo.
- Terracotta with White Terrazzo.

- Marble effect - Nude

-Marble effect Caramel

-Marble effect Dark Chocolate

-Marble effect Terracotta